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xTicket is a hosted solution that offers your venue complete control of ticket sales (box office and online), customised seating plans and event configurations, event calendar diary (ticketed and non ticketed), real-time event sales monitoring and more ...

xTicket delivers a complete system that gives you the control for ticketing and event management

Box Office Sales

• Find existing or create new patrons,
• select one event or multiple events,
• choose ticket types & quantity,
• get next best or choose seats directly from the plan,
• process payments online or cash sales,
• put tickets on hold, invoice or free,
• find, edit past or current orders,
• send fast tickets via email or print from the box office for collection.
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Box Office Express

Designed for fast ticket processing at box office where last minute walk-ins put pressure on the box office. Open an event, click a seat, accept selection and process payment immediately ... no more box office queues and customers see their seat position on the screen.
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Events Calendar

• View all events or filtered views for various venues and rooms,
• create new events (ticketed or non-ticketed) add notes and reminders,
• use the date navigator to quickly see availability and place venues on hold or confirm the booking,
• simply mouse click over the date & time to add events.
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Manage Patrons and Memberships

• Edit or create new patrons,
• manage memberships,
• set pricing level or discounts,
• check past orders and view a patron’s activity at a glance.
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Manage Seating Templates

• Edit seats for “on sale” or “not for sale”,
• edit existing or design new next best allocation scenarios,
• create new seating templates to scale in a graphical drag and drop interface.
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Create Reports

Access a variety of reporting options including: daily transaction lists, tickets sold, print all unprinted tickets, financial and event reconciliation, events series reports, cumulative reports and many more.... all reports are customised to your requirements and exported as PDF or XLS.
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Design Event Floorplans

• Using special dynamic tools and a simple drag and drop interface, users can design from scratch
  or select from a vast library of venues and shapes
• track inventory,
• produce inventory reports including stock availability,
• convert a plan to a ticket template,
• produce guest lists and allocate guests for non ticketed or ticketed events.
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Configure Events (scheduling)

• Schedule events for online or box office sales from the administration configure interface,
• schedule publish and release dates,
• set transaction and booking fees,
• create an event series or one off,
• select or edit seating layouts or choose general admission.
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Configure Events (details)

• Add show descriptions,
• select event categories.
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Configure Events (ticket pricing)

• Create ticket pricing category and price types,
• edit conditions (e.g. group quantity or early bird).
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Configure Events (seat templates)

• Edit seating layout,
• select seat templates,
• select or edit “next best” order.
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Configure Events (ticket design)

• Select or edit a ticket template,
• preview and print ticket,
• create or add a ticket attachment (e.g. show map or brochure in PDF).
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Configure Events (delivery)

• Select and customise ticket delivery options,
• fast tickets via email,
• postal tickets,
• box office pick-up etc.
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Configure Events (options)

• Add additional items for sale (e.g. show packages, parking deals etc),
• assign an external box office,
• add event contacts and special info,
• add patron waiting lists,
• assign special conditions (e.g. force patron to add patron name for each ticket).
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