Ranking System
Throughout the xTicket system, your patrons will appear with a star ranking. The quantity of stars indicates a patron's value to your organization and is based on purchase and contribution history.

We use a mathematical formula that fits the buying patterns of your organization's patrons. Purchases and contributions are aged, so as time passes, they have less influence. The number of stars can only be changed when a patron makes a purchase or contribution (more stars), or a lot of time passes (less stars).

The sales rank indicates the positional rank of a specified patron compared to your other patrons (#1 is best). It is based on purchase and contribution history. This uses some of the same mathematical formulas as those to determine the quantity of stars a patron has.

Patron Grouping
What good is patron information if you can't make quick use of it? With Patron Groups you can segment your patrons any way you'd like. Once your patrons are in a group, you can market to them with email or direct mail (Mailing Labels) campaigns, and much more.

Plus, Patron Groups allows you to automatically add patrons into one or more specified groups when orders are processed for tickets, memberships, and donations. For instance, your organization may want to segment patrons according to the types of events patrons attend (musicals, comedies, baseball, etc.).

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