Using special dynamic tools and a simple drag and drop interface, you can design a floorplan from scratch or select from a vast library of venues and shapes. Use our application to create accurate seating and event plans, calculate inventory lists, allocate guests and produce a variety of accurate reports for efficient event management including stock availability, convert a plan to a ticket template, produce guest lists and allocate guests for non ticketed or ticketed events.

Our system was designed specifically for managing graphical allocations and floorplan creation with a variety of automated processes. Shapes (resources) become live objects reporting directly to a data source where the built in business logic controls the processing according to configurable options. Whether it be a restaurant, a football field, a conference centre or an entire Olympic Stadium, our system provides a scalable solution that will grow with any Venue requiring efficient management of allocations and resources together with a precision floor plan creation system. The system is multi-user and operates in a secure environment for total control of your allocations, resources and space planning requirements. Create scaled plans with a suite of specialized tools, drag and drop people to seats or let the business logic do it for you. Share your plans with contractors and work together at the same time. It takes only minutes to design a perfectly scaled room plan.
What you see is what will fit!

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