xTicket is a box office solution with an integrated web point of sales that enables you to sell tickets for your events, monitor sales activity, and produce comprehensive reports. Our system is a hosted solution which you can access via remote desktop protocol (RDP), giving you a much faster and more secure access from anywhere in the world. All you need is a connection to the internet.

Patron and Event Details
Begin an order by selecting a patron from your Patron List, assigning him an event from your Event List or finding the event in your Event Calendar, choosing a price category/type and quantity, and finally, adding the tickets to the order.

Choose the best seats

Easily allocate patrons to each of the tickets in the placed order and assign them seats from your seating layout. Our system also lets you automatically choose the next best available seats for all of the tickets at once.

Payment and Delivery

Processing an order using xTicket is easy as pie. Whether your patrons wish to pay for their purchase (cash, credit card, EFTPOS, cheque, etc), or they wish to be sent an invoice, or have tickets put on hold, with our system you'll be able to handle it in just a few easy steps. No need for credit card machines. xTicket is able to check a credit card's validity before you send the order, saving you the hassle of going away from the system to complete an order. Your patrons have the option to collect their purchase at the box office or be sent a fastTicket by email which they can choose to print at home or show on their mobile phone screen at the venue.

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